About Us

Roots Learners Haven is more than just a math tuition centre who helps students solve math questions using our unique Roots Methodology. All of our students have seen marked improvement in their grades within just 2 to 3 months into the Roots program on average. In fact, many students actually uses the Roots Method mastered during their math tuition and applied the Roots concept unconsciously to their other subjects and they are reportedly getting overall improvements in their grades too.

Mathematics can be one of the most frustrating subjects a student ever faces. Students are constantly introduced to new and difficult to understand math concepts and tools, and this is made worse when the students feel that these tools are irrelevant to them as they do not know how to use nor apply them to solve their math questions. They may lose interest in the subject as a result.

At Roots Learners Haven, we assist our students to excel in Mathematics through cultivating students' interest in the subject itself. We help our students to strength their fundamentals and help them build strong mathematical foundations by associating new concepts to familiar ones through visual aids and our specially designed and developed Roots Method. Yes, they will start to love Math. 

Besides helping students acquire new concepts easily, our specially developed Roots Tools and Methods assist our students to understand the new concepts quickly and effectively applying these concepts with great understanding to solve complex math questions and problem sums systematically. Students will be equipped with the ability to acquire the skill of linking by associating new subject theories to basic facts in a simple comprehensible manner, which forms the fundamentals of a creative thinking mind. Our Roots Tools and Methods have proven to help Simplify Students’ Workings, Minimise their Careless Mistakes while Improving their Speed and Accuracy in solving math problems.

Roots Method is highly effective for both weaker and stronger students. We conduct personalised coaching sessions to maximise our students learning experience, helping weaker students build more confidence in Mathematics and nurture stronger students with additional guidance to do even better. Apart from face-to-face coaching, we provide additional interactive online tools for our students to clarify their doubts outside of the normal coaching sessions in times of need. 

Through our experienced Roots coaches, sophisticated concepts, such as Geometry and Trigonometry, and excel in their Singapore Secondary School Exams. Roots coaching complements our students' learnings in school and students are commenting that they understand better in class, catch concepts quicker and enjoying their Math lessons even more now. 

Roots Learners Haven is more than just a math tuition centre. Roots Method transforms lives positively. 


" I find it very easy to understand the concepts explained by Dr Ong. He explains them in such a way that is very easy to relate to. He also teaches us techniques that help us prevent confusion when answering questions. I find this useful because it helps me avoid careless mistakes. I am also happy to be able to learn new ways of doing working to make solving questions surprising neat and simple. My frustration of ending up with complicate workings has been eliminated."

Student Xuan

"My logic is since my kids can benefit from it, it will work fantastically for other normal kids."

A Parent's Feedback

Our Styles

  • Cultivate students' interest
  • Build strong foundation
  • Personalised coaching
  • Tools and methods to guide students
  • Complements students' learning in school

"I am particularly impressed by a quote from Albert Einstein used by Dr. Ong, “I am not smart. I just stay with problems longer”. To me, it simply means perseverance and patience are the key factors to solving problems and difficulties faced in life."

Student Shawn