Ong Chee Kian, Ph.D.


Ong Chee Kian, Ph.D.
  Founder - Ong Chee Kian, Ph.D.

Ong Chee Kian, Ph.D. Dr Ong is an accomplished professional who has contributed positively and professionally in the corporate, coaching and academic world. His diverse background, knowledge, experiences and renowned real-world problem solving skills helped him build the strong fundamentals and foundations of Roots Learners Haven Learning Methodology, which has successfully helped countless students from Primary School to University levels improve their grades and excel in their studies.

Dr Ong holds a Bachelor Degree (UMIST, UK) in Microelectronics System Engineering, a Master’s Degree (NTU, Singapore) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a Doctorate Degree (UCSB, California, US) in Computer Engineering. 

In the corporate world, Chee Kian rose through the ranks from a service technician to an engineer and then to the Vice President of a large organisation coaching, managing and leading the Product, Marketing, Engineering and Technology Divisions.

It was Chee Kian’s passion for coaching and sharing knowledge with others that led him into full-time academic coaching for students. His talent of being able to visualise the big picture clearly and his ability to dissect big complex problems into bite sized solvable ones is simply such a valuable life skill; the one life skill which he is trying to impart to his students via the Roots Methodology with his team of experienced coaches.

It was observed that many intelligent individuals possibly rely on “hard-memory”, memorising while not understanding the topics, ending up struggling with their academic work and finally losing their interests in the subjects and see their grades suffer. These issues can be avoided and corrected via Root Learners Haven Learning Methodology.

With worksheets and tools painstakingly designed and specially developed over the years, Chee Kian is able to effectively present complex theories into simpler and close-to-heart ideas to help students grasp key ideas easily and quickly. Coupled with other elements of Roots Leaners Haven Learning Methodology, Chee Kian has helped many of such students gain back their interest and see their grades improve tremendously. Students will often react with “Ooo...Orh…Ahh…” when they suddenly realise how simple and easy the concept can be understood, when it just clicked in their mind. 

Chee Kian’s comments:

Students’ results typically improved tremendously, some in 2 weeks while others within 3 months; basically about 2 months on average. Some students even commented and went home laughing in delight and disbelief that mathematics can be so simple, even only after attending just the first session. I am really happy to see this.

I am also extremely happy for my students when I see them enthusiastically applying their new found method of solving complex math questions and showing their satisfaction, especially when they flash their victorious smile after completing challenging problems using Roots simple yet systematic approach.



I find it very easy to understand the concepts explained by Dr Ong...

Student Xuan

"... especially Bernice - I taught her for 3 years, somehow her math mindset can't open until using your method.."

Comment from a Parent

Our Styles

  • Cultivate students' interest
  • Build strong foundation
  • Personalised coaching
  • Tools and methods to guide students
  • Complements students' learning in school

I like Dr Ong's teaching style and his ability to make things simpler and better to understand/apply. He will make every problem an insightful one and making sure each student acquires the appropriate knowledge in the specific module.

Student Luqmanul