Service Agreement

  1. Registration:

a. Following fees are payable upon registration:

i. First 2 months’ Tuition Fees (Current and Next month tuition fees, please contact admin for fees details)

ii. One-time registration fee of $55

iii. Material (only for Primary level) : $55 per semester (half-yearly; Nov through Apr, May through Oct)

  1. Fees:

a. Standard Monthly Fees is good for sessions in the month regardless of number of sessions in that month.

b. Fees are due on the 1st day of the month BEFORE; i.e. Feb’18 tuition fees is due on the 1st Jan’18.

c. Fees paid are non-refundable.

d. As Roots Learners promote to the next level in November each year, their fees will be kept at a maximum of 5% increase from previous year fees (lower than next level fees). However, should a student interrupted his learning journey with Roots, he'll have to register with as a new student at the corresponding rate.

  1. Operation & Policies:

a. Sessions are conducted throughout the year except the stipulated 4 week breaks (Request from admin)

i. Public Holidays (Session is as usual unless fall in the stipulated 4 weeks break.

b. NO make-up session will be arranged for a student if he/she misses a session

i. without giving a minimum of 4 days notice (Unless presented with a valid emergency reason)

ii. or students are released early because they are not conditioned for session due to insufficient rest/food.

iii. on a make-up session.

c. Students are expected to complete assigned work in the centre or be prepared for a later release.

d. Students are expected to submit homework in time, or be discontinued from the coaching service.

e. All reasonable due care and diligence will be placed and exercised during the course of the session towards the student. Roots Learners Haven shall not be made liable for any unforeseen injuries, complications and accidents for the duration of the sessions.

f. Roots Learners Haven reserves all rights should the need arise to decline any application or to discontinue a student from the coaching service (accompanied by pro-rated refund of the un-attended portion of the fees) should the coach ascertain that the student is not suitable for the program.

  1. Others:

1. Roots Learners Haven shall be duly notified within 2 weeks of any changes in the particulars/ information of the student.

2. Roots Learners Haven hereby reserves all rights to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice and all following applications shall be bound by the amended terms and conditions as shall be undersigned by them.